Refugee camps in Northern Greece

El campamento de refugiados de Idomeni


Mapa que indica la presencia de ACNUR en los nuevos campamentos en Grecia:…

Los sitios y campamentos de refugiados en Grecia. Se actualizará el análisis de la información de la ubicación – que se prepara sobre la base de los datos recogidos por la Comisión y los administradores de los sitios, la policía yotras fuentes – sobre una base semanal.

autoridades griegas gestiona todos los lugares. Cubre las siguientes áreas y sitios Análisis:

región del Ática

Grecia central – extras

región este de Macedonia (norte de Grecia)

La provincia oriental de Macedonia


La provincia occidental de Macedonia

Mainland Greece acute needs reported in , Port, and other spots. More at:


UNHCR publishes map/details of migrant shelters around


Greece Immigration Detention

web muy importante:
Listado de centros de detención en grecia e información sobre cada uno

Greece has been ground zero in Europe’s efforts to halt irregular migration for several years. At the same time, the country’s economic crisis has exasperated social divisions leading to increasing violence and hostility directed at foreigners. With massive financial and operational assistance provided by the European Union, Greece has confronted migratory pressures by emphasizing interdiction, detention, and removal, to the detriment of the protection of vulnerable migrants and asylum seekers. Conditions at its detention centres are regarded as among the worst in Europe, and numerous UN bodies have published scathing reports about the state of these facilities. In addition, domestic and regional courts have issued more than a dozen judgements condemning Greece’s detention practices. In one case from 2012, a judge in a domestic court acquitted several migrants of charges related to their escape from a detention facility in the port of Igoumenitsa on the basis that the conditions of their detention violated the country’s obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights.