Voluntariado en GRECIA







Please read the pinned post and google docs for more information, locations and contacts. It is essential that new volunteers read the guidance on volunteering in Athens to familiarise themselves with volunteering in Athens before starting their volunteering.

If you are new to volunteering in Athens, please consider spending your first couple of days at the Ellinikon Warehouse helping with the sorting of donations. More information below.

For Spanish speaking Volunteers we have a WhatsApp Group.

Text your number to Patricia Colón if you want to included at 34 678318021

When you are offering your help and agreeing to a date and time, please do honour that commitment. Team leaders and project managers rely on you and sometimes turn other people away if they think they have enough volunteers. Therefore please only commit to helping if you are definitely committed to helping.

SQUATS: (please note that the address of each squat is shown first on this post)
1) Notara 26 – you can just turn up to help – no need to bookhttps://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010239857028
2) Themistokleous 58 – you can turn up to help – no need to book
3) Merlie Oktaviou 19 (5th school squat (5th Likio)) – contact viahttps://www.facebook.com/5olikeio/ – A GP or general medic is needed to provide cover during the summer months while the local doctors are on holiday – Please PM Sumita for name of contact.
4) Acharnon 78 and Katrivanou (Hotel City Plaza) –https://www.facebook.com/sol2refugeesen/ to help with English classes, contact Charlotte Cheeseman and for kids activities contact viahttps://www.facebook.com/groups/868661516611629/ – they require a minimum commitment of at least a full week.
5) Sourmeli 1,3 (2o filoxenio prosfigon) – This is the 2nd school squat (also known as the Jasmine school more recently) – contact viahttps://www.facebook.com/2ofiloxenioprosfigon/?fref=nf. For English classes and kids activities contact Mary Beth Bride Leland
6) Spyrou Trikoupi 57 in Exarchia (ex Hotel Oniro)https://www.facebook.com/%CE%9A%CE%B1%CF%84%CE%AC%CE%BB%CE%… In particular this squat urgently needs teachers or experienced volunteers to help set up English and German classes, contact Mahmoud Rihawiy if you can help with the classes. This squat needs a lot of help please as it has hardly any volunteers.
7) Chalkidos 21, Ano Patisia – this is a new squat. Contact Heather Young orKevinWidanel Belcherhttps://www.facebook.com/ChalkidosSolidarityHousing/?fref=ts No Border School require volunteers to help with teaching. See below for more information.

Please note that independent volunteers are not allowed in any of the official camps. Volunteers need to be registered with one of the NGOs/Groups mentioned below.
1) Ellinikon Camp II – the old Airport – the Danish Refugee Council are looking for: volunteer teachers, fluent in Farsi able to teach Greek or English and a volunteer football coach. Minimum age: 20 years and minimum one month commitment. Email at volunteer@drc-greece.org to find out more.https://drc.dk/where-we-work/europe-and-caucasus/greece
2) Eleonas – volunteer via Project Elea – minimum 2 weeks and minimum age requirements (18 years)https://www.facebook.com/projectelea.volunteers/ – now taking volunteer applications from September onwards.
3) Skaramangas with Drop in the Ocean – see below for more info
4) Skaramangas with Organisation Earth – See below for more info
5) Oinofyta (this camp is 1 hr drive from Athens) – ArmandoAid who provides the schooling at this camp is looking for volunteers and volunteer teachers and also has openings for remote roles.https://www.facebook.com/ArmandoAid/?fref=ts. or Contact Layhing Siu Munro
6) Agios Andreas – register through HSA via www.humanitarian-support-agency.org and follow the instructions. More info under: volunteer@humanitarian-support-agency.org

1) Ellinikon Warehouse – from 11-6pm Monday to Friday Katerina Rouniou – continuous need for volunteers to help sort donations – you can turn up at the hours stated – you don’t need to book in advance – You can also volunteer at the warehouse with Organisation Earth (see below for more info).
The warehouse is within the disused Ellinikon airport, at the back of the huge Basketball Stadium on the coastal road (Posidonos), across the tram/bus stop “Elliniko”. Please report at the security check-point – between the Olympic Airways terminal and the Stadium – and tell the guard you are a volunteer at the warehouse of “Pampiraiki”. The warehouse is the big blue building (pinpoint here https://www.google.com/…/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d37.8…
A watsapp group has been set up for volunteers helping at the Ellinikon Warehouse… please PM Kara Kallenbach if you wish to be added to it.
2) Marhacar team is looking for volunteer drivers to help with distribution of Aid in and around Athens – contact via http://marhacar.org/
3) Orange House – we need – farsi or arabic speakers and volunteers with building skills (we need help to put cement in the courtyard) – we are also scheduling volunteers for September – contact volunteer@zaatar.org or PMAida Khalil Trissell
4) Project leaders needed to help run projects with groups of refugees (Rooftop gardening, Solar cooking, Woodworking, Civil engineering (building maintenance and conservation), Herbalism, IT and electronics (e-Learning and R&D), General tinkering and DIY. Contact Harper Pollockhttps://daedalus.libtech.website/ltg-athens/

No Border School need volunteers for squats and other locations in Athens. Minimum age 18 and minimum commitment of two weeks is required. They do not need to be teachers, just confident to deliver a lesson! Interested volunteers can message through their fb pagehttps://www.facebook.com/noborderschool/ or PM Becca Dalby Bowler.

To volunteer with Drop in the Ocean, you have to register first. Send an email to volunteer@drapenihavet.no and ask for more information, or go to web-page http://drapenihavet.no/en/, and submit the register form from there. Their requirements are that volunteers should be minimum 25 years old, can commit for at least 10 days, and can communicate in English. It’s not necessary to have any particular competence, but pre-school personnel/teachers, medic/health care, people with relevant language skills, and long-term are highly valued.

To volunteer with Organization Earth at Ellinikon Warehouse, Skaramangas and Lavrio (Sounio – accommodation provided at Lavrio only)), please fill out the form on the attached link. Minimum age limit is 18.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EarthRefugee

For wider opportunities in Greece, please check hereWWW.GREECEVOL.INFO. New projects can also be added here.

Reminder: if you sign up to a project, please do honour that commitment. Team leaders and project managers rely on you and sometimes turn other people away if they think they have enough volunteers. Therefore please only commit to helping if you are definitely committed to helping.

Please note that we do not recommend volunteers only coming to volunteer for a day or a few hours, especially if you are new to volunteering in Athens/Greece. One day really does not give you enough time to orientate yourself and understand what is going on in this crisis. You will most likely be a hindrance rather than a help.

ADMIN NOTE: if you are going to share this wider, please make sure you include the original source link as I update the post during the week with changes. If you intend to translate it, please make sure you ask our permission before you do so and include the original source link.


Athens: International Refugee Solidarity
A team of self-organised activists, fundraising for Urgent Aid and working in Greece with the aim to provide support for refugees.

Refugee housing squat in Athens – Notara26
Κατάληψη Στέγης Προσφύγων/Μεταναστών Νοταρά 26
twitter: @notara26

Κατάληψη Στέγης Προσφύγων-Μεταναστών-Αλληλέγγυων Κάνιγγος 22

Φιλοξενία Προσφύγων 5ο Λύκειο Αθηνών

2ο Φιλοξενείο Προσφύγων

Χώρος Στέγασης Προσφύγων City Plaza

Κατάληψη αλληλέγγυων σε πρόσφυγες και μετανάστες – “Λυόμενα Ιλισίων”

Solidarity Beyond Borders_Athens
Soup kitchens

Πρωτοβουλία Αλληλεγγύης στους Οικονομικούς και Πολιτικούς Πρόσφυγες

ΑΛΥ – Αλληλέγγυοι Λειτουργοί Υγείας

Βοτανικός Κήπος Πετρούπολης

Ο άλλος άνθρωπος, κοινωνική κουζίνα
Αθήνα – Μυτιλήνη και σε πολλές άλλες γειτονιές


Lesvos – Λέσβος
Help for refugees in Molyvos
https://www.facebook.com/HelpForRefugeesInMolyvos?fref=tsOloi mazi (Χωριό του Όλοι Μαζί)
“The village of all-together” / Opening of PIKPA
https://www.facebook.com/Pikpa-Lesvos-1650025878606170/?fref=tsPlatanos Refugee Solidarity, Lesvos
https://www.facebook.com/solidarityplatanos/?fref=tsAυτοοργανωμένο ιατρείο της δομής του πλατάνου στη Σκάλα Συκαμινιάς στη Λέσβο
https://www.facebook.com/groups/888762267903100/?fref=nfAcción Lesbos

Kalymnos – Κάλυμνος
Immigrant and Refugee Support Group in Kalymnos

Kos – Κως
Αλληλεγγύη Κως – Solidarity Kos

Leros – Λέρος
Δίκτυο Αλληλεγγύης Λέρου – Leros Solidarity Network

Samos Refugees / Πρόσφυγες στη Σαμο

Refugees in Chios

Soli Cafe

Support Refugees on Tilos Island
https://www.facebook.com/groups/536340446517671/?hc_location=ufi … ____________________________________________

Nisyros Supports Refugees

Κοινωνικό Στέκι * Στέκι Μεταναστών Χανίων
Steki metanaston Chanion

Έμπρακτη αλληλεγγύη στους πρόσφυγες – Ρέθυμνο
Idomeni borders


Thessaloniki – Θεσσαλονίκη
Refugee Solidarity Movement Thessaloniki

Αντιρατσιστική πρωτοβουλία Θεσσαλονίκης
Αντιρατσιστική Πρωτοβουλία Θεσσαλονίκης

Κατάληψη στέγης Ορφανοτροφείο

Ομάδα αλληλεγγύης δημοτών Χαλκηδόνας για τους πρόσφυγες

Αντιρατσιστική Πρωτοβουλία Κορίνθου
Αντιρατσιστική Πρωτοβουλία Κορίνθου


Αντιρατσιστική Πρωτοβουλία Λάρισας


Ομάδα Υποστήριξης Προσφύγων Βόλου

Refugees Welcome To Diavata – Διαβατά

Ομάδα Αλληλεγγύης Γιαννιτσών

Πρωτοβουλία Αλληλεγγύης Χαλκίδας σε πρόσφυγες-μετανάστες

Πρωτοβουλία Αλληλεγγύης Χαλκίδας σε πρόσφυγες-μετανάστες

Πρωτοβουλία αλληλεγγύης στους πρόσφυγες – Πρέβεζα

Κρατάμε στη λίστα συμβολικά για τον αγώνα που έδωσαν για λίγη ανθρωπιά και αλληλεγγύη τους «Εθελοντές Χέρσου/Πρόσφυγες Στρατόπεδο Χέρσου»


*Let us know if you know other solidarity groups

— con Refugees Welcome To Diavata, Αλληλεγγύη στους πρόσφυγες – Solidarity with Refugees in Greece, Nisyros Supports Refugees – nsr y 30 personas más.

Datos de contacto y coordinación de voluntariado en Grecia

Rellena este formulario solo si tienes claras las fechas aproximadas de tu viaje (que la fecha de ida no varíe de una semana. Dos como mucho)

Web en inglés para voluntarios en Grecia,super completa



Guia Voluntariados

 El registro lo puedes hacer antes de llegar a Grecia a través de la página web http://www.ypes.gr o ya cuando estés en la zona. Como voluntario independiente, tienes que rellenar el formulario que se llama ‘Personal Profile Form’ (enlace para bajarlo: http://www.ypai.gr/cms_files/forms_engr/PERSONAL_PROFILE.doc), adjuntar una foto tuya reciente y mandar el formulario completo con la foto a semko@ypai.gr. En el caso de ir a Lesbos, recuerda que tienes que
pasar por la Oficina de la Policía o por el Ayuntamiento en Mitilini para finalizar el proceso. Este proceso sirve para registrarte con las autoridades griegas como voluntario y es obligatorio.


Mapa que indica la presencia de ACNUR en los nuevos campamentos en Grecia:


Como voluntarios, podemos ir a ayudar en varios de ellos. Mira los detalles en bit.ly/1MitGUf


En este mapa se han indicado en amarillo los lugares oficiales (los “Relocation Centers”) donde poco a poco se reubicarán cantidades notables de personas refugiadas. Para cada sitio estamos averiguando la necesidad de ayuda y la posibilidad de ayudar como voluntario, y si es posible hacerlo como voluntario independiente o si habrá que registrarse con un equipo.

Learn some useful phrases


  • Stay calm. This is a crisis, in historical terms, and when you first arrive, you will likely feel overwhelmed by the numbers of people and the amount of need. But minute by minute, there is almost never an emergency. Refugees are already stressed; if you are also panicking or aggressive, this only makes them more anxious. Please do not yell or otherwise contribute to tension. If you see someone working unprofessionally, mention it to a Field Coordinator (but please, no personal criticism–remember: calm.
  • Take your time, and please always put everything back in its place when you have a few free minutes. It makes everyone’s job here easier when everything is tidy.
  • If there’s downtime or you’re not sure what to do, pick up some trash. Plastic bottles, emergency blankets, discarded clothes–it is all piling up every day and can look overwhelming, but if everyone chips in a little our tent will be in much better shape.
  • Do not assume that you have a better solution or system–especially if you have recently arrived. Often things are done in a particular way for a reason, which has been worked out by many people before you. Please respect what other people are working on. If you need their help, ask–but don’t be upset or judgmental if they don’t or can’t help. Sometimes people are working on something that doesn’t look immediately urgent, or as important as what you’re doing, but in the big picture, it might very well be.
  • Prioritize refugees It seems obvious, but sometimes personality conflicts can seem more important.

Children, elderly or sick people first.

  • Respect the Police
  • If you are working in a group, always inform other people when you leave. Situations can sometimes be intense or chaotic, and whoever you’re working with is relying on your help too.
  • Ask permission for photos. Photos can be key for communicating the situation to friends back home (especially if they’re donating money!), but please be sensitive to refugees’ immediate needs and privacy. If people are actively fleeing persecution, it can endanger them to share their image and location.


Key Contacts and Emergency Numbers

Take a minute to program these into your phone.

Three-digit numbers can be called only from a Greek number. Phone code for Greece is +30. Numbers beginning with 6 are mobile numbers.


Police: 100

Fire: 199

Ambulance: 166

Road assistance: 154 / 104


Volunteer Registration: (Mandatory)


Volunteer Shift Sign up: (Mandatory for Clothing/NFI Distribution)




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